Life Fitness Software Quality Engineer I

We are looking for a software test engineer with a Computer Science background to support our growing Agile based product development activities on our fitness equipment software. The ideal candidate should be willing to work on manual and automation testing and should have the ability to handle interruptions while fluidly switching between several assignments. RESPONSIBILITIES The engineer must be able to perform the following: Familiar with Software-as-a-Service model (SaaS) Critical thinking to solve problems unique to developing technologies. Regularly apply technical knowledge to daily engineering activities. Analyze architecture, code bases to develop critical path experiments to ensure safety and reliability. Leverage analysis tools when needed to determine root causes. Continuously improve analysis and validation techniques and apply them in daily practice. Able to be an independent engineer that understands the project scopes and best-adheres to project timelines / goals. Integrate and communicate well with other engineering teams, making known individual contributions and assisting others when necessary. PREFERRED SKILLS Languages / Toolsets Java, PostGres, MySQL, Android, Automation (e.g. Monkey Runner, WebDriver, Selenium), Atlassian Suite Networks TCP / IP, UDP Networking Principles Analysis Methods, Learning, Failing, Improving, Controlling, Unit Testing, Functional Testing , Code Reviews, Critical Thinking Testing Skills: Should be able to develop/execute test cases from user stories Automate test cases using the tools like (Monkey Runner, WebDriver, Selenium) Strong understanding of functional testing, regression testing and Sanity testing Good understanding on Agile methodologies and techniques Operating Systems: Linux Windows Exhaustive knowledge is not mandatory, but a candidate is expected to discuss their preference at a high level Controlled Repositories: Knowledge about controlled code revision methods, GIT, Subversion Software Design Principles Paradigms, Encapsulation, Patterns, Synchronization and Communication Methods EXPEREIENCE 3 years software development or testing experience EDUCATION Bachelor's Degree in computer science or related discipline JR-014069
Salary Range: NA
Minimum Qualification
Less than 5 years

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